If the car came out, is a big leap of human science and technology era, the current achievements of our most common means of transport. And the old big three, successfully replaced by himself. And the advent of the vehicle recorder, is undoubtedly an innovation in the industry. The recent hubbub BMW traffic accident cases, we can pay attention to news keyword inside the vehicle traveling data recorder. It is the recorder, which makes the picture of the accident to be complete. This evidence after the exposure of the media, but also for the public to understand what happened after, can more dialectical view of the problem. An electronic instrument, which is very hot in the news. Tachograph count as one of the very best appearance rate is the product in the car. So, as a new era of new features, in the end what advantages can be good for their new.

  Basic function of vehicle traveling data recorder

  Driving recorder in addition to those tall on the function, we generally speaking, the daily use of his basic functions. Tachograph driving good record in the image data of every tree and bush, preserved. Now pengci phenomenon emerge in endlessly, criminals are constantly updated the trick is to guard against, in the event of a sophisticated, drivers often have to bear many should not bear the responsibility. And with the vehicle recorder, you can put an end to the possibility of damage to the personal property, the so-called impact in the hand, traveled the world are not afraid. There is evidence, not afraid to encounter various forms of blackmail and impose exactions on you get out, don't lose, white.